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The EQC75 electric quick changer is available for applications that need automatic change of the gripping element. This system consists of an active part (EQC75-A) and a passive mechanical tool plate (EQC75-B). The active part is usually connected to a robot’s wrist while one or more flanges are connected to the interchangeable gripping elements.

  • Fully automatic version.
  • Plug & Play system.
  • M12x1, 8 poles main power connection.
  • Lightweight.
  • 24 Vdc low voltage supply.
  • Up to 4 user pneumatic connections available.
  • Up to 2 user electrical connections by means of 15 pins D-SUB accessories.




  • One lever which allows the coupling of the EOAT and simultaneously the pneumatic connections switching.
  • 8 ports for pressure and vacuum.
  • 15 electrical connections (optional).
  • Slight weight and narrow width.
  • Quick equipment change on the robot.
  • LOQC locking unit integrated (optional sensor).
  • Prevents mistakes in the pneumatic and electrical connections.
  • The two sides (robot side and clamp side), available separately, are fully compatible with all the QC series accessories.




  • Suitable for textile, food and automotive industry.
  • Double acting.
  • Needle simultaneous stroke adjustment
  • Large through hole
  • Blow-off port for cleaning and releasing
  • Pad in PTFE for hot surface contact
  • Optional magnetic sensors




  • M18x1 mm photoelectric sensors.
  • 100 mm background suppression without adjustment.
  • PNP/NPN digital output, with programmable LO (Light Operate) or DO (Dark Operate) pulse logic.
  • Built-in LED indicator.
  • M12, 4 pin connector output.
  • Short and lightweight plastic body.
  • Lock nuts and washers included.