Elektrisk automation

The new goal that Gimatic wants to reach today is to enter in the mechatronics market. In the year 2012 were born the first mechatronics products: 2 and 3 jaw parallel electric grippers, electric rotary actuators. Recently have been designed also angular electric grippers, radial electric grippers, parallel electric grippers with long stroke, linear motors, linear electric actuators and electric linear guides. Gimatic SpA is careful to the Robotic field requirements and its application in the Medical, Pharma, Automotive and Semiconductor branches. Three members of the Mechatronics range offered by Gimatic have reached the Cleanroom Certification from the most reliable Fraunhofer Institute, as they are suitable for applications in the clean manufacturing areas. The MPPM1606 gripper has gained Air Cleanliness Class 4 under ISO 14644-1. This is another peculiarity of the Gimatic avantgarde electric actuators.