Report relating to art. 10, comma 1, of the legislation 675/96.

Information gathering and Registration of services
Gimatic S.p.A., as the data processing proprietor, informs you that the e-mail address asked for at the time of registration together with all other personal data voluntarily supplied, will only be processed with your consent and with the sole objective of sending you the information you requested.
Gimatic S.p.A. does not collect "sensitive" data (health, religion, etc.).

When you register, you will receive via e-mail all our la test product/service news and up-dates: naturally you can cancel your subscription to this news service at any time by simply following the relative instructions.
Data security
Your data will be processed by Gimatic S.p.A. headquarters and communicated to the distributors in your area.
Gimatic S.p.A. adopts all the legally advised information security measures in order to protect and guarantee the privacy of your data and reduce the risk of abusive access, theft or tampering of your personal data to an absolute possible minimum. 
At the same time, it is impossible to navigate on line without being “surveyed”. The transfer of your data is therefore always at your own responsibility.
The supply of further personal data is entirely optional, but it can enable us to guarantee a more precise service which is more in line with your requirements (new product/service proposals).
The service registration procedure must not be done using someone else’s e-mail address. We are against any form what so ever of privacy violation used to damage third parties, therefore it is not lawful to use the registration mechanism with e-mail addresses which are different from your own.
Correction/Updating of personal data
In relation to art. 13 of the law 675/96, you have the right to request, in whatever moment, access, cancellation, correction or updating of your data or the blockage of processing for legal reasons. You can exercise this right by directly contacting our manager Mr. Marco Brodini at +39 030-2584655 or writing to The e-mail we send to you giving you your password also contains the instructions as to how to cancel your data from the mailing list. Users wishing to be definitely cancelled from our databank can do so by making a precise request.
Privacy law rules:

  1. We only ask for strictly necessary information related to our services and will use it only for fulfilling the services requested. WE WILL NOT IN ANY CASE sell, divulge, lend, hire-out or in any way communicate to third parties the personal information of our users.
  2. We do not collect so called “sensitive” information from our users, which is relative to their state of health, their sex life, their political, religious, trade union or philosophical association/inclination.
  3. We only send our services and newsletter to those who have registered and authorised the use of their personal data.
  4. We register our users only after they have visualised the information relative to art. 10 of the law 675/96 and given their consent to the processing of their personal data according to and for the reasons indicated.
  5. We send via electronic post the password together with the procedure to immediately cancel in relation to art. 13 of the law 675/96.
  6. Users who wish to be completely eliminated from the Gimatic S.p.A. databank thereby avoiding any future risk of being illegitimately registered with third parties, can do so via an explicit request to or by phoning +39 030-2584655.
  7. Surfing the website is free and without obligation of registration (except for the pages protected by a password).
  8. The user always has access to his/her own personal data, and can ask to modify or update at any time. He/she will always be able to cancel the registration to every list and service, by following the included.
  9. We have set up all the necessary informational security measures in order to reduce to a minimal level any possible risk of violation of the privacy of our users by third parties. We are however aware that the Internet is not a totally secure system for data circulation and that the risk of loss, destruction, modification or unauthorised access is unfortunately not totally eliminable.
  10. The processing owner with regard to the law 675/96 is Gimatic S.p.A., Via Dell’Artigianato 1-A/B, Roncadelle (BS), tel. +39 030-2584655.